A beautiful website without coding

How to get a modern Website without the pain?

We won't lock you into endless hours of tweaking ugly templates or force you to learn design and code. Beespoke empowers you to focus on your project, while we build the perfect design for your content and manage installation, hosting, backups and updates. All at affordable prices.
A simple process

Bring us your Idea

We'll take care of evertyhing else.
Choose a concept for your content, you'll get a prototype for review. If you’re happy, select your payment option and you’re ready to go!

You’re in good company

We value your time.
Experts will take care of your needs from concept to delivery. Our flexible project management system is designed for making your project run efficiently. Say goodbye to endless hours dealing with expensive agencies, scanning for experts or tweaking an ugly website builder template.

Mobile Friendly

Modern websites built to high standards.
Beespoke websites are mobile friendly by default, so your pages automatically adjust to all devices, sizes and orientations. Your layouts will always meet different users’ needs.
Design Features

Beautiful Typography

Carefully curated font combinations to make your site unique.
Custom font sets for each project. We can integrate all major web font platforms including self-hosted fonts. If you need recommendations, we can advise before you decide.

Features built for tomorrow

Every single component can be branded in your style. We can adapt the look of each project page individually, including navigations.
We keep an updated curated collection of content blocks from the best and freshest web design sources. Sliders, Portfolios, Galleries, fullscreen blocks, forms, testimonials, you name it. Beespoke will help you find the inspiration you need to make your content stand out.
Rich Visual Content

Online Shops

Get your business moving selling your products and services online.
Your shop is fully responsive, so you can be sure that it will beautifully showcase your products and look great on mobile devices too. We can configure PayPal, stripe and all major payment systems in a simple and user-friendly environment using WooCommerce.
Paypal Logo Stripe Logo Woocommerce Logo

Cover Pages

Present your company, your best work or your new launch in amazing fullscreen cover pages.
Sometimes you just need a simple and direct way to engage with your audience. A beautiful cover page with fewer clicks can be more effective than a traditional home page
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Rich Visual Content

Your own

All Beespoke plans include a standard domain.


Lightning fast

Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-barrel hosting and the anxiety that goes with it.



Your data is backed up and stored securely to give you peace of mind.